© Andrea & Magda
Jan 2013, Rawabi, 20 km from Ramallah. A family is visiting the showroom for the new biggest planned city in West Bank, aimed to host 25000 residents at first and 40000 in the future. A 3D movie, simulating the future life that will offer Rawabi with its smiling residents, is the last part of the tour that aim to advert for potential buyers. During the tour, the commercial agent of Bayti Company insists on the security and privacy that Rawabi will offer to its residents. On the flyer that adverts for Rawabi one can read: “allow us to suggest to you a wonderful way to spend a weekend afternoon this month – put the family in the car and take a drive to see Rawabi showroom”. Just after the end of tour, the visitors will find, next to the model exhibition of the future city, 4 offices of Middle Eastern banks ready to sign the loans.