The Taste of Marjeyoun

ISBN : 9782360860715

The Mediterranean. The very name conjures up lore and legends, shades of blue under a radiant sun, a rich history. More than a body of water, it is the meeting place of peoples and traditions, stories and riches. Marjeyoun is a beautiful region in South Lebanon. The complexity and diversity of its cuisine is typical of the Lebanese kitchen and is a testament to the rich culture and fertile lands of the South.
Dina’s roots are firmly planted in Jdeidet Marjeyoun. She grew up savouring the dishes of her mother and grandmother, and in Germany, her new place of residence, she recreated those dishes to preserve her culinary heritage and the authenticity and flavour of the food. In this book, she shares with her readers authentic recipes, but also her ancestors’ history as well as her culinary memories in anecdotes that reflect her yearning for Lebanon, its food and its people.

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